LSSC offers standard calibration service that complies with all aspects of ANSI Z-540 , ISO 9001, and ISO 10012 including out of tolerance and final data.  The standards, procedures and tolerances used allow for a consumer risk the same as or better than a four-to-one ratio unless otherwise specified.  Our services can help reduce your risk of production down time or noncompliance by providing a full range of calibration and maintenance services.

Tools We Service 

- Calipers Dial/digital/venire

- Coating Thickness Gage

- Dial Groove

- Gloss Meters

- Height Reference/Riser Blocks

- Hydrometer Master & References Floats

- Indicator Co-ax

- Indicator Interest

- Levels Electronic

- Micrometer Depth

- Micrometer Inside to 120

- Micrometer Heasds Super Precision

- Micrometer Thread

- Microscopes

- Oxygen Monitors

- Rail Gage with Indicator

- Roundness Tester

- Snap Gage with Indicator

- Surface Roughness Specimens

- Thickness Gage

- Vernier Tooth Gear 

- Caliper Depth

- Comparators ID/OD

- Digital Readouts

- Hardness Testers

- Height Set Master

- Indicator Chamfer

- Indicator Dial/Test

- Kwik Check Hole Gage

- Micro Hardness Testers

- Micrometers Groove

- Micrometers Multi Anvil

- Micrometers Tri Bore

and more..

Simple management of calibration and repair services for all your test and measurement instruments regardless of manufacturer brand.  A standard service agreement provides a fast tur

n-around at a fixed budget and budget and protects your equipment through its life cycle.

industry worker

Highly Trained

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Tx Scale Pros  industrial with over 30 years of experience with their expert of technicians capable of scale and calibrating maintaining service which repairs all mot make new models of the range. Our experienced technician is on beatable with specialization to identify and solve scale equipment problems quickly. Lonestar scales professional service study how critical each instrument is essential to our client; there is an impact on downtime, accuracy, quality, and regulatory compliance.

Using the right instrument: Tx Scale Pros use the right tool to determine the right service struggles for devices that are alien with the best support for our client to achieve their business goals. Our service includes using the proper calibration intervals, calibration certificates, preventative maintenance, repair, regulatory, training, and compliance services.

Been prepared: Tx Scale Pros is ready to offer digital-scale repair, truck scale repair, and calibration service. Our truck equipped along with the right tools. Tx Scale Pros also offer company maintenance for vehicles, truck repair, and scales.

Assurance of quality: Tx Scale Pros will offer a high standard of excellence for all our clients. We provide a high-quality program with a high level of maintenance of all equipment that the accuracy of our test weights maintained between calibration intervals.


Our services ensured you have all this at an affordable price to give our client the best service

Calibration service ensures your weighing equipment Is at a high standard to provide a maximum result with no deviation for high accepted standards. Our service will also offer a comprehensive breakdown of our diagnosis after the testing completed, which includes identifying all issues and processes that have undergone fixing.

Maintaining a standard high accurate weighting measure is also being our priority

It helps your company maintain all relevant regulations involving the weight of products, vehicles, and all other weight objects.

Avoiding financial issue which can lead to penalties, legal action and complaints from customers

Help your company maintain a high level of positive brand image by helping with accurate product data to customers and other stakeholders of your business associate.

High standard service from Tx Scale Pros  help client for industrial-scale service in Houston,

affordable scale and calibration service in Houston, industrial-scale repair service in Houston When you are looking for solutions about Houston Scale Calibration Service, maybe you are looking for more details about and tool calibration and repairs we are open 24/7... www.txscalepros.


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